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Landscaping Shrubs

Landscape shrubs can come in great variety, both in terms of appearance and uses. They can be compact or even dwarfs. But others are tall enough virtually to be small trees. A shrub or bush is different from a tree because it has multiple stems and is shorter in height, usually under 5–6 m (15–20 ft) tall. A large number of plants can be either shrubs or trees, depending on the growing conditions they experience. An area of cultivated shrubs in a park or garden is known as a shrubbery. When clipped as topiary, shrubs generally have dense foliage and many small leafy branches growing close together. Topiary is the horticultural practice of training live perennial plants, by clipping the foliage and twigs of trees, shrubs and sub shrubs to develop and maintain clearly defined shapes, perhaps geometric or fanciful. A popular use of landscape shrubs is to group them together along a property border to provide privacy. Various articles on different landscaping shrubs available online are interesting to read.

  1. HGTV – Your garden looks incomplete without the shrubs. Growing shrubs for landscaping purposes can be made easy with online tips from HGTV.  You can get sound advice in growing shrubs for shade and hardy shrubs. The expert tips in growing these shrubs in whatever garden size you have are all helpful and are easy to follow. (
  2.– There is always an excitement in wanting to see a green and colorful garden. The option for fast growing colorful shrubs that add life to your landscape project will be realized with this site. Online you can browse from their catalog style presentation of different shrubs that are fast growing. You can choose as clear pictures of actual varieties are displayed. They have all the most colorful varieties. The price of each are also displayed that all you need to do is to pick the ones that you like and go make orders. The reviews of buyers and the discounts are added advantage for selection to come easy. (
  3. Essortment– Growing variety of landscape shrubs can give your garden a year-round beauty. You should know the most common landscape shrub that grows in any particular time and be familiar of its uses. The abundance of landscaping shrubs can dampen your effort for a quick and wise choice. This site has come up with the top 10 common shrubs for your easy reference and quick choice. You will find their articles beneficial to get that landscape project perfectly done. (
  4. Backyard Landscape Ideas – This is another site that gives detailed and well written article that helps eliminate confusion in the selection of landscape shrubs that literally are quite too many to consider. They provide ideas on the different steps which include, plant hardiness zone, the first thing to know about. Another is the amount of sun or shade. Light condition of your garden is an important consideration. Other important ideas are being given emphasis as you read the article, all worth knowing as you proceed with your garden project. (
  5. How Stuff Works – Not all shrubs are suitable for landscaping purposes. The site mentions those varieties that are suited considering their sizes, shapes, types of foliage, berries and fragrances. You can check out the links they provided for the different shrubs. Whatever effect you want to achieve there is always one shrub that fits to your liking. (
  6. Gardening Channel – Shrubs, aside from the trees are the foundation of most landscape plantings. The site addresses the different factors in order to come up with the right plant best suited for your landscape project. These factors affect your choice and the subsequent health of your chosen plants. This is your home for gardening tips, advice and discussion. (
  7. Nature Hills – If you are looking for a site that has an in depth article on shrubs, this is the best site. Understanding shrubs in details favor growers who take landscaping seriously. The site tackles everything including the categories, the most popular shrubs the uses of each shrub. If intended for landscaping project one important consideration is the foliage appearance such as leaf color, variegated leaf, leaf size and foliage density. (
  8. Lowe’s Creative Ideas – Landscaping is not difficult when one has a guide. At Lowe’s, you will come to know the important details to get the perfect choice for landscape shrubs. Their easy to follow guide and tips will surely make you go places with your landscaping projects. Whatever it is that you hope to achieve in your own yard, there is a shrub to accomplish it. You can learn from the functions that they assigned to each such as hedging, screening, accent and flowering. (
  9. Gardening Know How – Within the landscape, shrubs has many uses. To name a few, they serve as privacy hedges, foundation plantings and specimen plants. They can be used as backdrops, to define garden beds, and to simply add seasonal interest. This site provides you the know how to lead you to your dream landscape project without much hassles but with so much enjoyment. (
  10. ShrubSource – This is a leading online supplier of flowering and ornamental landscape shrubs. They do well in distributing premium quality name brand shrubs throughout the country during spring through fall shipping season. All that they offer are branded shrubs because they are the best selection of new and improved varieties available to valued customers. They assist you in your aim for a landscape masterpiece. You can browse through their gallery of shrubs pictures that are soothingly colorful. (
  11. University of Missouri Extension – The article in the site doesn’t appear pleasing enough to begin the search on the most appropriate shrub for your garden. The long arduous reading can get you nowhere. This is really intended for scholars to read who have the patience to finish the article to the bottom and still find it comprehensible. The facts though are all informative and could satisfy your quest for knowledge. But for your aesthetic hunger, this is not the ideal site. (

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