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Mad Hatters Tea Party

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – Mad Hatter is a fictional character in any Alice in Wonderland franchise and is known for his love in Tea Parties. Check out here how you can have your own Mad Hatter inspired Tea Party perfect for your kids and to you adults as well. Know more about  Mad Hatter here!
  1. Wikipedia: Who is The Hatter? The Hatter is one of the key characters in the famous Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. He is also referred to “The Mad Hatter” and always conducts His own Tea Party. Know more about this fictional character here at Wikipedia. (
  2. Google Images: Find the most notable Alice in Wonderland Character, The Mad Hatter here at these images. Almost all of the images are having their Tea Party. Also, check out some parties that adopted this concept and had their parties outside their garden in a Tea Party Theme. View them all here. (
  3. Online Book: This page is a Chapter-By-Chapter page of the original Alice in Wonderland Book.  This in particular is the Chapter 7 and it’s all about the Mad Hatter’s Tea-Party. Read the entire chapter here and view images that were also originally part of the book. (
  4. Your Cup of Tea: This site is a site that organize your own desired parties or gatherings. In this particular page, you’ll see their Mad Hatter’s Tea Party theme that is surely a memorable one for Kids. Contact them now and check out what they have to offer to you to execute this party. (
  5. Pink Frosting: Contact Pink Frosting for all their Party supplies and services. Here check out their Mad Hatters Tea Party Theme. Know how you can make this theme possible by preparing the right Invitations, Decorations, Entertainments, Menus, Catering, Favors, Gifts, and more. (
  6. eHow Food: Know how to plan a Mad Hatter Tea Party here at eHow Food. Try and follow these simple yet effective instructions and let it be the most memorable party a child could ever have. (
  7. YouTube: Watch this Mad Hatter Tea Party Scene here on YouTube. This is the actual scene in the 1999 Alice in Wonderland Movie. Check it out here. (
  8. YouTube: Another Mad Hatter Scene from the Alice in Wonderland Movie, but this time, it’s the cartoon version. Watch this 8 minute video here. (
  9. Fantasy Books and Movies: This page is giving you the official facts about your favorite fictional characters. Check out Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter! Know the concepts behind the character, its origins on how the written came up with him, famous actors who played this role, and many more information. (
  10. Google News: Read News Articles about The Mad hatters or anything about Alice in Wonderland. Read related articles here as well. (

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