Happy Birthday Time

It is my daughter’s first birthday soon. This means that it is probably time to start looking at some presents to put a smile on her rosy cheeked face, doesn’t it?

I could arrange a Mad Hatters tea party. Wouldn’t this be a great birthday party for her? To be honest I think she would prefer the characters from that kid’s show with the singing duck but I don’t even know what it’s called so there isn’t much chance of that happening .

Maybe a trip to some local spas and salons? I just have this image in my head of seeing her lying on a big bed getting a seaweed massage or a volcanic mud face mask treatment. Maybe they could start doing spa treatments for babies. Or maybe they already do. Who knows? My life is too short to keep looking up the random things which I think about so I ‘ll need to leave it as an unknown.

She definitely needs some crib bedding. Maybe you won’t believe this but we have been waiting 4 months now for a mattress. They don’t come ready made here and need to be ordered from some shady little shop. Unfortunately the maker keeps letting us down. For now she makes do with a lumpy . bumpy mattress filled with hay or something equally unhygienic.

She would like a few large mirrors. If there one thing the little madam loves it is seeing herself reflected in any sort of surface. I took her to the bank the other day (a great idea for a  family day out, by the way) and had to peel her off a plastic display case which she was drooling all over because she could see herself in it. Can you buy those crazy mirrors from fairground anywhere? I think she would like a few of those about the house.

What about an African grey parrot? I don’t want to sound like an uncaring parent, but she is at that stage where she wants to talk and imitate people all day long. This is great fun…for about 5 hours a day. After that we could whip out the parrot and let them natter away to each other.

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