This list contains the top deals I've found for Softwood. We have also written about Forest Products, Armstrong Flooring and Wood Furniture.
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Softwood – Upon constructing you home or choosing wood for paper industries, the proper kind of wood is put on consideration. And Softwoods are one of the most flexible and cheaper compared to hardwood and can be use in paper Industry, Furniture, and more. Find other interesting facts about Softwoods here.
  1. Miller Wood Trade Publications: This is the home for all Softwood buyers out there. Here you’ll get to knot the latest news and innovations in the Softwood Industry. Check out the latest wood market trends and applications as well as other Forest products. Read more by downloading their May and June issues. (
  2. CBC Canada: The News was about their Dispute of the Softwood industry. An issue on Canadian Softwood Suppliers had conflict with the Government. Read the whole dispute issue here as well as all the provinces eventually jump on to their board. (
  3. Design Technology: Know all about Softwoods here at Design Technology. Softwoods are basically coniferous trees that has needles instead of leaves, these are often used as building materials and are easier to manufacture and rather cheap than hardwood. The various Softwood types, Grain Images, Uses and products are elaborated in their data sheet. (
  4. Veronika: Softwoods are softer to scrap and mold than that of the hardwood. These are very durable in some way that you can make whatever you what in terms of designs and still get the durability you need. View their photo gallery of their Softwood Chairs that have cute carved designs. (
  5. How Stuff Works: To know the difference between Hardwood and Softwood, you must consider the following; Their specific usage, the pressure a softwood and hardwood can handle, the most appropriate wood to use for paper Industry, Plywood, and other stuffs. You can also access their Amateur Woodworkers Section for their complete list of Wood types. (
  6. Softwood Export Council: SEC is your ever trusted guide on all your Softwood Inquiries. Know the latest Market Reports on these Softwoods and all their programs. And view their calendar, for the seasons Softwood trees grow. Sec has their impressive sources and pricing for all sorts of Softwoods both found in America, and other Continents. (
  7. Wood Lessons: Want to know more about Softwoods? Then this is your place. Woods Lesson has their lesson plan on topics to be learned about Woods, specifically, Softwoods. You can download these and review the topics. (
  8. Know how to handle those Softwood Lumber. Unlike hardwood, Softwood has the softer quality; these cannot be use for heavy load support, as well as High foundations. Know all the proper usage of Softwood here at (

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