This list contains the top deals I've found for Ikea Canada. We have also written about IKEA Singapore, IKEA Kitchens and Medical Mart Supplies.
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Ikea Canada

IKEA Canada – IKEA is a Swedish company that sets itself apart from the other furniture by selling quality, modern furniture at a low price. They have stores in many of the bigger cities in Canada as well as in 28 other countries. Here are some of the best IKEA Canada resources:

  1. Ikea Canada website: The IKEA website if very good to either find the product you are looking for in order to make a comparison search, and also to buy the products directly from the website.  You can have a look at a lot their furniture and decor products on this website, and there are also very good explanations about the product. They also have an interactive application where you can type out questions and it will find the answer on their website by pointing you to the right page, or simply displaying information in the automated chat. I tried it and it actually works quite well, especially when looking for something specific.  (
  2. IKEA Canada Wacky Wednesday: On this blog, Canadians get to see a list of deals available every Wednesday. The author of the blog takes the time to enter all the deals at each IKEA store in Canada as they are different at each store. Most items are discounted at more than 75%. Although these are just random items, one never knows what they could find. I chose this because you can even add this list to your RSS feed and get updates every time it is published. (
  3. IKEAFans: The reason I choose this site is because it has a lot of information and is run by a family that had started by simply wanting to find more information on IKEA and could not find it. They therefore decided to make a website and have grown from there in to an online community. They have information about everything from finding a reliable contractor to forums were members can discuss any subjects. So whether you just want to read more about IKEA, or find how-to guides, you will more than likely find the information here. (
  4. DigsDigs: I chose this websites among other decorating blogs because of the quality and quantity of articles on IKEA. They have many different blog posts about IKEA, these being mainly decorating and design ideas. It is important to note that this blog also has posts about other companies, but one just has to enter “IKEA Canada” in the search field, and many quality articles about IKEA Canada will come up. (
  5. IKEA Hackers: Ikea hackers take IKEA products and modify them. They do this by either adding simple things or completely redesigning them. This is a website where anyone who has modified an IKEA product can post what they have created while sharing their ideas with others. The reason I chose this website is because they have many great ideas, and also because the people doing the posts are not being paid by IKEA, and the owner of the blog keeps it simple without too much advertisement. (
  6. IKEA Canada’s Twitter Account: I added this one for all the Tweeters out there. It is a very good resource to have if you like IKEA and you use Twitter, as they post several times per day about various things such as: how-to articles, deals and special promotions, as well as many other things. I know that as a Twitter user, this is a resource I would use as they actually do take the time to post many times per day. (
  7. Ikea Sofa Covers by Comfort Works: Comfort Works is an Australian company that offers covers for every couch in every collection of IKEA sofas. One of the coolest features of IKEA sofas is that the covers can be changed easily and this company offers covers of many different colors, fabrics and designs. They are also a secure website, and offer payment though PayPal. I chose Comfort Works because they appear to have quality products, and they are a small company who offer something different. (
  8. Repainting your Ikea Furniture: The reason I chose this website as one of the best IKEA Canada is that it gives you a very detailed step-by-step explanation on how to repaint your IKEA furniture. Why would you want to repaint it? Well for one thing, the lights in a showroom, or even if you are buying on light can make the color look different then when you bring it home. Also, some people may have some furniture which they liked the color when they bought it, but want a change. This is a very quick and easy fix. (
  9. IKEA rival plans expansion in Canada: I found this CTV article very interesting as it talks about a potential competition for IKEA in Canada. This Scandinavian company that has 1,700 stores in 34 countries are planning on coming to Canada, and they are IKEA’s biggest competition and also has sells their products a little cheaper than IKEA’s. (
  10. IKEA Canada helps on moving day: In Montreal, July 1st is moving day. It is the day that all leases end; therefore people are moving. IKEA decided to help buy giving away moving boxes. People may be wondering why I decided to chose this website as one of the top 10 resources for IKEA Canada since the date of the even has already passed. The reason I chose it is because it shows how IKEA helps Canadian Communities. (
  11. Scrapping with IKEA goddess: Ok, so I chose this as the resource to avoid, and it is no hard feelings to the writer of the blog. I chose it for the simple reason, that although she has IKEA in her title, she does not write about IKEA in her blog. So, she may love IKEA, but her blogs have nothing to do with IKEA other than mentioning them once in a while as it is her favourite store. Therefore, why should you avoid this resource? Because it is not really a resource. (

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