More Degrees of Separation – Part 2

The fact that I titled my first post on the subject as “….Part 1” probably alerted the more switched on readers to the fact that there was more to come. I decided to see if I could find find some more objects which I could somehow link to my life in 6 steps or less. However, this time I have gone for deliberately difficult ones rather than choosing them randomly.

I have never owned a coffee machine so how could I have had coffee maker problems? I actually never used to drink coffee until I lived in Spain and the flat I rented had one of those little two level coffee pot/strainer things in it. It took me ages to work out how to use it. If I remember rightly you put the water in the bottom compartment and the coffee above this. I bought one to take away with me when I left Spain but it rusted and got a big hole in it. This was either because it had an ancient Iberian curse on it or because I never washed it after using it. I decided to go with the Turkish method after this as it seemed easier.

I don’t even know where Stratford is? Turns out is in Canada but I have never had dealings with doctors in Stratford. Hmm (scratches head). There is a Stratford upon Avon in England. Ah, but I’ve never been there either. Although I did once work with a guy called Steve Stratford in London. He wasn’t a doctor but when I google his name the first two results that come back are for Doctor Steve Stratford rather strangely. Actually, when I worked with Steve one of the other people at the set of desks used to talk about emigrating to Canada and the other went  to visit the doctor once. That’s as close to a connection as we’ll get on this one.

On the face of it sweet fruit drinks is a bit easier. I remember impressing Scottish friends when I went back home after my first spell in South America. When I made fresh lemonade from scratch they were amazed and couldn’t believe that I made it from nothing more than lemons, water and a whole lot of sugar. I also once had a Ribena habit but I managed to wean myself off it in the end so not sure if it counts.

Is smart cranes about the machines which life heavy objects or about the curiously unpopular long legged birds? I once saw one of the birds outside my mother’s house but I think it is about the machines to be honest. I am a bit stuck here it seems. I have never operated, hired or even been in a crane. I used to see ones from outside my office window every day when I worked in Glasgow but that seems a flimsy connection even by my low standards.

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