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Keurig Coffee Maker Problems

Keurig Coffee Maker Problems – Not all appliances work perfectly throughout the course of their existence in our household. Damage caused by factory defects or poor handling may occur over time. If you have a Keurig coffee maker in your home or office, here are some websites that will warn you about some problems that could come up and how to address them.

  1. Keurig Coffee Makers at – The tagline, “Solutions for Everything” is well-deserved by this site. A lot of users have expressed problems and defects they found on their Keurig coffee makers and experts have been consistent in giving them a solution, for a price of course. You don’t have to pay to read solved problems and their solutions though, you can browse through certain concerns that have been answered and see if you can relate some of them with yours and apply the corresponding solution suggested by the expert. This site is a blessing to all the DIY-ers out there. (
  2. Keurig FAQ’s at – It is not surprising that the product’s official website has a guide to almost anything consumers need to know regarding the handling, usage and troubleshooting of the product. The questions address the most common concerns on this product and you won’t argue about the answers’ credibility because they came from the manufacturers themselves. For all your basic inquiry on Keurig coffee makers, check out this site. (
  3. Keurig Complaints at – If you contacted Keurig because of the problem you got from your coffee maker unit and then they failed to respond or they opted to simply ignore you, here is a venue where you can possibly be heard this time. If you have a Keurig coffee maker and would like to know the possible problems that would come up so you can in advance find means to prevent them, this site will also prove helpful.  (
  4. Keurig Coffee Maker Problems at – Here you will find an article that talks about Keurig coffee maker problems in general, meaning, they are not described per model, which is perfectly acceptable. The tips offered here to remedy each of the problems mentioned are very easy and can be done without expert assistance. (
  5. Keurig Manuals at – If you have these coffee makers at home and you suddenly have to troubleshoot something, you might be able to procure the unit’s manual easily. But what if the coffee maker is in your office or workplace? No need to fret because Keurig coffee makers’ manuals can be accessed in this website. User reviews on specific models can also be read here so browse through any product red-flags to prevent wrong decisions if you happen to consider purchasing one. (
  6. Keurig Common Problems at – Here you will find a generalized article on the negative characteristics of this product. However, the website suggests that these problems can be countered by easy fixes that doesn’t require one to be an expert. A ‘descaling’ tutorial video is included in the article. In the “See also” tab you will see informative articles that talk about Keurig coffee makers that would hopefully help you use the appliance well to prevent damage. (
  7. Problems with Keurig Coffee Makers at – Only two specific Keurig coffee maker models are stated in this webpage. The consumers here were furious about the defective product they just bought or the fact that it didn’t last long enough than they expected. Maybe you’ll be put off by the negative comments or deem others purely as defamation – it’s all up to your judgment. Personally, I think some are honest and some are not so you have to be prudent which to consider. (
  8. Keurig Coffee Maker Problems – This website contains an article on the general problems you will encounter on any Keurig coffee machine. The website has videos to illustrate troubleshooting and performing easy fixes and they are very useful since it is easier to understand directions when they are acted out in front of you. The fixes are also easy to perform, needing only materials easily found inside the house. (
  9. Keurig B70 Coffee Maker Problems at – Here you will find an article describing common scenarios that seem to present the Keurig B70 model a problematic product. But as stated in the article, you will see that there are reasons behind these problems that are beyond the control of the manufacturer, meaning, they depend on the handling of the owner. Also, solutions are proposed for each problem mentioned. is a great source for anything that concerns Keurig coffee makers and their proper use. (
  10. QVC Community Talks on Keurig Flaws – This link basically leads you to a forum where troubled owners of Keurig coffee machine products express their disappointment in the performance of their new coffee maker. Other users commented and offered certain solutions to the problems being voiced out. (
  11. Keurig Coffee Maker Problems at – This webpage contains an article about the problems present in coffee makers made by Keurig. However, the solutions presented are not like those we encounter from the previous sites we mentioned. Here, we are generally advised to just ditch out the product and demand for a replacement. Thus, you get nothing out of this site other than misleading titles and empty paragraphs. (

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