More Things You Will Never See…Probably

These days it is difficult to be certain about what does and doesn’t exist in the world, but I am reasonably sure that you will never see any of these things.

Actually, bamboo shoes on their own are weird enough to warrant a mention here, but what about a panda wearing them? That has got to be impossible, as they would surely eat them. When I did a search the best I got were pink panda bamboo shoes but I don’t think they are designed with the discerning Ailuropoda melanoleuca wearer in mind.

What about a best selling book of vacuum cleaner reviews? I mean , if you want to buy one of these machines you will probably want to read a review or three, but its hardly the kind of thing you snuggle up with in bed or take away on holiday with you. A quick online search shows me that no book about these dirt sucking machines has ever made it onto the best sellers list.

Do they outdoor flea markets which actually sell fleas? I wouldn’t think so but let’s check it out and see. While we are waiting for the search results to come back I will tell you about how I once bought a table at a flea market which was too big to get into my house. I ended up using it in the garden for about a year until someone pointed out to me that I could have just taken it in through the garage door. Anyway, I didn’t find any fleas for sale but I have just discovered that earning $1000 a day in flea markets is easy to do. If this is my last ever post then you will know that I am living the high life while selling old clothes and tatty tea cloths.

Are there Ford dealers in Siberia? Surely not. There certainly is in Siberia, Indiana but wait, there is in Novosibirsk now as well. It seems a new $12 million was built just a couple of years ago. Now there is a fact you didn’t expect to learn today.

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