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Room Decorating Ideas

If you are searching for room decorating ideas, you need not go through the hassles and costs of hiring an interior designer. There are web domains you can check out to get ideas and advices that will surely help bring your dream room to reality. Whether they are for an ordinary family household, teens or college students living in dormitories, the room decorating ideas to find in these websites are pure gold.

  1. Free Home Decorating Ideas – As their site claims, for all charming, creative and budget-friendly room decorating ideas, this is the place to be. This website essentially looks like a blog with the absence of flashy web design features. Their best feature however is their collection of seemingly endless articles on the topic room design. Regardless of which room in the house you want to decorate, you can find tips here. If you want to decorate your room while keeping a certain element in focus such as tiles, paint colors, pictures, they can also give you precious advice here enabling you to become your own interior designer. (
  2. Room Decorating Ideas – This is another great site to get superb room decorating ideas. The website itself is more sophisticated than the former technology-wise. More pictures, flash presentations and pictures can be found here making it especially enticing to those who are more interested in visuals. Whichever room you want to beautify, you can find tips here. The best thing about this website is that it has articles on room decoration that are specifically dedicated to various types of people with various personalities, tastes and styles. Of course they still specialize in bedroom decoration and they have a relatively wider array of articles for the topic of decorating on a budget. (
  3. HGTV – Home and Garden Television has also conquered the internet and online they have continued to generously share ideas to us pertaining to homemaking and that includes decorating. They have an interesting collection of designer room pictures for our eyes feast, envy on and take ideas in for the design of our own rooms. You can also get decorating ideas guided by decorating topics such as color, decorating basics, window treatments and etc. Under these topics are informative articles to sink your teeth into. (
  4. Good Housekeeping – For home decorating ideas, you will not be disappointed by seeing the contents of this website. You can see here picture-filled articles about home decorating, listed in a random order, so if there is one criticism I should mention regarding this website, it would be its lack of organization. Yet, I could easily let that slide because of the vastness of the interesting topics on home decoration tackled here. This website is for the compulsive reader who likes surprises and enjoys learning new things without having a set reading list in mind. (
  5. Home Designing – Pictures of bedroom motifs from all over the world is what welcomes you upon clicking this link. You will surely be impressed by the ideas shared to you by geniuses when it comes to technology, interior design and architecture. A gleeful mix of science and art as expressed by the design of these intimate spaces are shown for your eyes to feast on. Not much written outputs can be obtained here but, as they say, a picture paints a thousand words and surely, even just by looking at the pictures of the room designs all over the world, you can get ideas you can use for your very own dream room. (
  6. House Beautiful – If you want sophisticated room decorating ideas coming from reputed interior designers, this is the place to be. Not only that, you can also get room decorating ideas right from the homes of your favorite TV stars. More than being an information website, this domain gets plus points for working like an online magazine that capitalizes on the interest of its readers and the reliability and credibility of its contributing interior designers. The beautifully taken pictures also help their cause greatly. (
  7. Home Decorators – If you want a purely informative website that is as organized as can be, check out this website’s ‘Decorating Ideas’ page. All the articles are classified efficiently, be it do-it-yourself articles, decorating tips, room planning articles or buying guides. They even provided beginners with a glossary help them better understand terms that are new and unfamiliar to them. The articles are all informative, concise, complete and easy to follow. You need not be an expert at room decorating to be competent in such skill if reading this website is your only preparation. (
  8. Home and Family Network – Also another website whose weakness is the lack of organization in the order of the articles, yet its remarkable strength is its wide collection of interesting room decorating tips and ideas. The decorating topics here are not limited to bedroom applications but they also have articles for kitchen renovations, living room improvement, etc. If you find the unpredictable nature of the random article listing inconvenient, you have the option to search room by room. (
  9. Freshome – The room decorating ideas found in this webpage are comprised of pictures and are meant to inspire and impress teenage girls. The teenage years is a time when a person is very much conscious of his or her identity formation and it is important that girls in their teenage years are able to express themselves and one of the ways to do it is to personalize their bedrooms. They can find here some ideas to make it happen. (
  10. Power to Change – Catered towards college students, these cheap dorm room decorating ideas come in handy especially for students who want to make sure they get in their dorm room the same comfort and privacy they had at home. (

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