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Apartment Decorating Ideas

Decorating an apartment is a mean feat. The size of the apartment does not matter as whether big or small, putting an apartment together takes a lot of work. Now, there are well-appointed apartments and not-so-well appointed apartments but the real consideration here is the contentment and comfort of the dweller.  There are many ways to decorate an apartment. If you are on the verge of decorating your “pad” here are some websites to check-out for great apartment decorating ideas.

  1. Apartment Ideas: It takes more than an artful eye and good taste to decorate an apartment.  You need to know some basics on decorating per se such as the style, size consideration, colors, texture and even lighting. This website has various links to the different subject matters relating to colors, decorating styles, lighting effects and so on. (
  2. 19 Ideas to Steal for Your Apartment: Since most apartment “rules” are rather restrictive when it comes to decorating, here are some ideas to “steal”.  On this website are 19 tricks that you can apply when decorating your apartment.  For example, you can use a wicker basket to use as a storage space, ottoman or as a side table. (
  3. Decorating Tips for Furnishing Small Apartments: (photos) Browse on some really inspiring interior for the apartment. The approach of the designer is simple, elegant, fun and affordable.  The styles are eclectic yet cohesive enough to present a comfortable space for you.(www.
  4. What is your Design style?: This is actually a quiz to determine your decorating style preference. Many apartment decorations “fail” because the resident himself does not even know his likes and dislikes pertaining to design. Knowing your style affinity will make it easier for you to choose the décor for your apartment. (
  5. Studio Apartment Makeovers: (photo) A studio apartment is quite a challenge to decorate since all the areas are contained in one space. Transition from the bedroom to the living room to the dining and the kitchen is not as easy to do.  View some inspiring ideas and design transitions on this site. (www.
  6. Ideas and Inspiration: (photos) IKEA presents some functional, modern and affordable approaches to living areas. IKEA furniture are known for its linear and neat designs and more often than not, this type of furniture is just right for compact apartment living. (
  7. How to Make a Small Space Look Bigger:  Tips on how to make a small room seem bigger are on this site. The tips pertain to using dual-purpose furniture, to choice of paints and prints, to hanging mirrors on walls to make the room seem bigger and brighter. The site also recommends sourcing for items at the flea market for bargain finds. (
  8. 8 Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Home:  You need not get stuck with plain and boring whites and beiges for the apartment. It is possible to liven up a white kitchen with a splash of cobalt blue on one wall. You can up the level of energy in the home office by painting one wall bright apple green complemented with bright orange. (
  9. How to Apply a Cloud Faux-finish technique: Why use traditional old paint or wallpaper when you can use your creativity and come up with a truly unique wall treatment with faux-paint? You don’t have to stick to the stipulated colors as you can experiment which colors would suit your apartment décor most. (
  10. Top 50 Apartment Decorating Web Sites: Listed here are some of the top blogs and websites for apartment decorating ideas including furniture and accessories. You can read some of the personal ideas of interior designers, students, artists, moms and more on ideas about apartment decorating. (

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