Things I Never Knew

The world is a bigger mystery every day. At least it is to me now that the internet shows me my level of ignorance on a daily basis.

I never knew that skate sharpening was such a big deal. I did an internet search on the phrase and the first sites that came up talked about mysteries and taking the world of hockey by storm. Is there a whole world of skate sharpening fun to be had which I am missing out on? I have never owned any type of skate – neither sharp nor dull – and I use this as my rather feeble excuse for being ignorant of such things.

I never knew that woodcraft furniture could be a fun hobby. I mentioned a while back about my problems with carpenters and the latest instalment is that I am trying to fit some wooden windows myself. For four days I have been fighting a losing battle with a chisel, a hammer and some nails. Is making furniture more fun this? To be honest I think that being hit over the head with wooden furtniture would be more fun than what I have been doing.

I never knew that canopy tents came in so many shapes and sizes. We went for a day in the countryside yesterday and spent all day cowering inside a tent as the rain lashed down. As there were 8 of us inside a 2 man tent you can imagine how exciting that was. Thankfully only 2 people caught pneumonia and even more thankfully I wasn’t one of them.

I never knew that fast growing trees even existed. I looked up some information and was told by Mr Internet that Crape Myrtles are the fastest growing trees around. I had never heard of them either. Is this another whole slice of life which I have been missing out on? Why have I spent so long waiting patiently for trees to inch upwards in a painstaking way when I could have a Crape Myrtle shooting its way up towards the heavens instead? I am glad I found out about them now though.

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