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Water Heater Reviews

Energy efficient water heaters have hit the global market thanks to the introduction of the tankless water heater. Using a tankless water heater actually cuts off 20% on utility bill.  Heat loss is eliminated as there is no longer a large water tank sitting in the basement filled with warm water waiting to be used.   A tankless water heater is also a space-saver. Which size, type and brand of water heater are best for your home?

  1. Types of Water Heaters: Sure, you might know that there are at least two types of water heaters but there are actually more than four: storage tank water heater; tankless water heater; hybrid water heater; electric; natural gas; LPG and solar water heater. Which one is best suited for your home? Check out this site and learn more about  the pros and cons of different types of water heaters.(
  2. Selecting the Best Water Heater:  Here is a website that discusses pertinent points in choosing the best water heater for your requirements. There are varied articles that discuss the pros and cons of the different types of water heaters available, including RV water heaters. (
  3. Top Brands of Water  Heaters: This website is a minefield of information about the top (if not the best) brands of water heaters, where to buy water heaters, sizing and installations, costs and rebates. All you have to do is explore the website to get more information on the different aspects of choosing, buying and installing a water heater. (
  4. Bradford White Water Heater  Review:  Some websites claim that Bradford White is one of the top brands to consider when it comes to water heaters.  The website discusses that different models in terms of power options, size, style and models. The website also has access to comprehensive reviews of other water heater brands. (
  5. Water Heater: Reviews:  Water heaters have different capacity, efficiency and reliability. User rating also plays an important role when choosing a water heater. Consumer Reports list down six of the top brands of water heater based on consumers. Pros and Cons are also listed for the 6 top brands based on consumer ratings.(
  6. What to Look For in Water Heaters:  An article expounding on the different aspects of water heaters, comparisons, energy star efficiency, installation tips and glossary are available in this website.(
  7. Why are Bradford White Water Heaters Only Sold to Professionals: I bet you didn’t know that! Well, it seems like Bradford White believes that safety precautions and the right installation techniques are necessary. Dealers sign an agreement with the company where they agree to sell only to qualified plumbers or professionals. (
  8. Rheem Natural Gas Water Heater:  Rheem is reputed to be the second best selling water heater brand. This model runs on natural gas which is more eco-friendly.  This model has an air and fuel shut device for safety. This particular model is designed to operate smoothly even at 6,000 feet above sea level.  This model is virtually maintenance-free. The website features other brands and models of water heaters. (
  9. Maintaining a Tankless Water Heater: (video) Here is a short video on how to easily clean and maintain a tankless water heater. Flushing out mineral deposited on the unit is a must if you want your water heater to last long.(
  10. How to Fix Water Heater Problems: Though water heaters usually do not present problems if maintained properly, there might be times when small problems could come up. This website answers some basic questions on troubleshooting a water heater. You can learn a thing or two in diagnosing and repairing minor water heater problems.

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