Time for a Job I Want to Do

I wanted to be a taxi driver for a while. I am not sure why but I think that a spy movie and the thought of using a giant road map might have been the key elements.

Now things like sat nav and the lack of good spy movies has left me looking for a new job, as driving a taxi doesn’t seem that exciting anymore.

Could it be easy to work with free woodworking plans? I have had a lot of problems with carpenters but maybe I can turn the tables on them and design plans to do the work myself. I once studies technical drawing at school so all I need to do is remember what it was all about and I should be fine.

Or, I could be an electric water heater engineer. This might not sound as exciting as driving a spy taxi but someone has to do it and it might as well be me. So what do they guys actually do? In my humble experience, they turn up and press a button which you had never seen before but which is now perfectly obvious. They then charge you for the privilege of having done so and go on their way to laugh at your incompetence. I could all that.

Could I work in cheap furniture stores? You bet I could. It must be pretty satisfying to sell someone a cheap bed and see them toddle off happily. I have only been on the customer end of the furniture buying experience before and to be honest it is time for a change. For a start, it will be a lot less expensive to sell the stuff than it is to buy it.

I could do a job with contemporary floor lamps. I don’t mean sell them. What I could do is hold the bulb (wearing gloves of course, I am not silly) and be part of the lamp. It could be a new trend and for an extra fee I’ll dangle from your chandelier.

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