Time for Some More Good News

Is it just me or does everyone else avoid turning on their TV so that they don’t have to put up with a constant barrage of bad news?

I used to enjoy watching the news but these days everything seems to be about earthquakes, bombs, crisis and global tensions.  Whatever happened to those old feel good stories about pandas giving birth in the local zoo or a kid finding old Roman coins in his toilet? Let’s bring back the good news.

For a start, traffic light suppliers could give out press releases telling us how many people had stopped at red lights in the last week. It would be a bit of a boring report I guess but at least it would be better than hearing about accidents and such like all the time.

Then there could special reports from Montreal paintball sites about how many players got splashed with paint that day. Hey, if we are going to put paintballing into the national news reports then we would want to take about go karting, pool and 10 pin bowling on there too. I hate 10 pin bowling but it has got to be better than hearing about the troubled economy or more job losses.

We could also have a roving reporter out in an animals kennel to tell us how much fun the pooches and pussies are having there. Animal stories are always the best ones and I can remember how everyone in my office was rivetted to the screen when a whale took a wrong turn and ended up in our local river. He died a horrible death, so it wasn’t a particularly happy story in the end I suppose.

We could have a section on how tasty sweet fruit drinks are. I am fed up being told about how everything is bad for us these days. For a change I want to find out how tasty all that sugar and all those artificial additives make it.

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