Time to Time Travel

When I was a kid I really, really wanted to get a time machine. My Mum said that they didn’t exist but I think she just didn’t want to shell out on one. Anyway, I have a feeling that this year I might end up breaking the space time continuum and here is what I plan to do once I do it

It’s a bit of a dull start but I could look for my favourite old sweet fruit drinks. There are some classics I used to drink and which don’t seem to exist anymore. I’ll gratefully down a few gallons of the stuff before coming back to 2012. I might even go into the future to see how far fruit juice technology has advanced.

I could go to a 1930s martial arts fitness centre and turn myself into a lean, mean fighting machine. Actually, why would I need to go back in time to do this? I guess the idea of retro karate appeals to me.

I know that this is out of character for me but I am going to do something for the good of the planet. I will travel back to the start of the industrial revolution and try to explain about wood recycling. Can you imagine if I were to come back to the present time and find the planet filled with lots more beautiful forests? Shucks, I might even travel forward in time and see if I got given some sort of medal for my work on behalf of humanity.

Can you imagine the uproar I would cause if I went back to the 17th century with Gabriella Rocha boots on? It would be the first time in my life that I was ahead of the times in respect of fashion. I could pretend to be, well, a time traveller I suppose.

I have just seen 15 passenger vans for sale. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to buy them, take them into the future with me and sell them at 2050 prices. The only problem is that I might need to wait a few years back in the present before I can legally spend my dollar bills with Justin Bieber’s face on them.

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