Walk This Way?

Do you remember that old song about walking this way? If you are from my generation them you were probably tempted to use laceless Adidas training shoes as well (although I think we called them sneakers back in the day). Those days are long gone now but what other type of footwear could help me regain the cool which I once had? Oh yes I did.

Walking cradle shoes sound great but what are they? I simply can’t imagine what they are like but they sound kind of like the kind of thing which would rock you off to sleep while you step out about town. That’s probably not that good a thing when you think about it but I would still like to give it a try.

I would also try some Peter Kaiser shoes if someone wants to give me some. Hang on though, are these just ladies shoes? I have never once been tempted to try on ladies clothes but shoes are another matter. The members of the female species love their footwear so much that I think that they must be something very special about them. Maybe I could ditch my shoes and start wearing some high heels and slingbacks (I have no idea what slingbacks are but I like the genuinely sound of them).

However, when it comes to Western footwear I can’t see myself wearing women’s cowboy boots at all. I have always fancied trying on a pair of men’s leather cowboy boots and I reckon that they would make me look a little like Wille Nelson, although whether or not that is a good thing is a matter I am still not entirely sure about.

To be honest, I think that soft style shoes are more my sort of thing. I never did get around to taking the laces out of my Adidas sneakers and nowadays the coolest footwear I can get away with this is a comfy pair of slippers.

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