What Was Your Best Day?

We all have a collection of fantastic memories stored in our heads but we don’t think about them often enough. Maybe today would be a good time to dust off some of the memories.

When I see a golf shirt I automatically remember the days I used to get up a 5 in the morning to play a round of golf with my dad. We stopped when I was about 15 but by then we had spent some wonderful time on the local course together. Hey, if his knees are up to it it might be time to give him a call and arrange a game. Actually, when I think about how many years have passed since then it might be my knees which are in doubt.

Maybe seat belts don’t bring a lot of happy thoughts for many of you but anything related to driving makes me recall the wonderful journeys we used to make as a family. This was back in the days when seatbelts were seen as an option by most people and our car had an amazing petrol smell inside it which you just don’t seem to get these days. Maybe they could bring out a retro car with added petrol smell. I would buy one.

I have only been on a paintball course once. In fact, I don’t even know if you call them courses or sites or whatever. It wasn’t a Montreal paintball event but one in Scotland. We got lost on the way as the only guy who apparently knew where it was didn’t really know all that well and the guy who was meant to bring the map didn’t. The rest of the day carried on in the same tone yet it remains a great day in my head for some reason.

The time I spent a few months doing voluntary work in the rainforest has got to be included in this list. It was the first time I had seen exotic flowers, bananas and monkeys  in their natural habitat. If your favourite memories are all of the same place I would humbly suggest that you see a few more places and try to gain some more magical memories. There is room in your head and your life for as many of these as you can squeeze in.

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