What Would You Send Into Space?

Did you read about Iran sending a monkey into space the other week? Apparently they had already sent up a rat, a turtle and even some worms.

This got me thinking about what I would send into space if I got the chance.

Wouldn’t it be great to have outdoor easter decorations orbiting the Earth? If you think about it then you will surely agree that it would be fantastic to see all those decorations passing overhead every year. I reckon it would take a lot of work from our planet’s top scientists to make sure that we all got to see the decorations pass over our heads each year but it would be worth every penny.

When I got to thinking about home theater seating I realised that it would be brilliant if we had a giant cinema screen which passed overhead showing the latest films. The only tiny problem with this plan is that you would need to chase after it in order to see more than a minute or so of the action. Maybe someone could make a fortune from fitting cinema seats into their open topped bus and follow the screen all over the planet while their passengers watched the films with telescopes. It could work.

We all struggle to come up with baby boys names so why not send up loads of signs with names on them? Would be parents would then look to the heavens and wait for the chosen name to appear in front of their eyes and make their decision for them.

Wouldn’t it be weird to look up and see Batman the Dark Knight logo? I always used to love seeing how they flashed out the bat signal into the sky and it would be brilliant to see it in real life. It might not have an practical uses to it but then neither did sending up a monkey as far as I can see.

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