A New Life for a Toddler

My daughter just started nursery school today, and the poignant sight of her toddling about with a backpack which is almost bigger than her will stay with me for a long time. It’s a new phase in her life but boy those people who work in the nursery don’t know what’s about to hit them. If any of them read this then here are a few things they are going to need soon.

First off they will need to get a carpet cleaner rental sorted out at some point soon. The little angel has an endearing habit of spilling anything she gets her overactive little hands on. We have a tiled floor at home but I noticed today that her new hangout has a light coloured carpet in it and I thought, “oh dear”. It will soon be a dark coloured carpet with interesting designs.

I have this image of the staff getting home and collapsing into chaise lounge chairs right away. They actually seemed quite calm when we picked her up today but I don’t see that lasting very long. I reckon that she is lulling them into a false sense of security and one day soon she will really make them work for their money.

I really hope that they all have medicine cabinets at home. Paracetamol might be the most obvious remedy they need but if they let any of their fingers stray too near her mouth they might need some bandages as well. I think the little one’s teeth must be the sharpest and hardest objects known to man. I used to brush her teeth with a bit of gauze wrapped around my finger but there is only so much pain a grown man can take. The good news is that if I ever need to cut a diamond I won’t need to buy any specialist equipment.

A bit of agility training would definitely come in handy as well. I am now fitter and more flexible than ever before and it is really due to the workouts she gives me every day. Just to get her to eat some food usually involves holding a spoon in one hand while trying to stop her climbing out of her chair with other. Add in the balancing act needed to change her clothes and it is clear that gym memberships won’t be needed any time soon.

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