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Medicine Cabinets

Having a medicine cabinet is advantageous to keep your bathroom organized. It is usually placed above a sink or toilet and is primarily used to store hygiene products, toiletries and medicines. Medicine cabinets need not be plain, bland and boring. If you want a medicine cabinet that isn’t only fully functional but would also add flare to your bathroom, check out these websites.

  1. Medicine Cabinet Shop – Having claimed this name for their website, it is reasonable for you to expect that they have a huge collection of medicine cabinets available for sale. And yes, they deliver. Here you will be overwhelmed to learn that medicine cabinets do come in various colors, materials, shapes and sizes. The medicine cabinets here almost look like standalone furniture in their own right. Check out their surface-mounted and recessed cabinets that come with frames made of different materials. You can also browse by brand. Each product is sufficiently described and reviewed. If you are hunting for great medicine cabinets, this is the best place to start.  (
  2. American Pride – They offer a wide variety of medicine cabinets in various styles, functions and finishes. Among the types you can choose from are swing door, corner, aluminum bodied, slider and triview. Click one type and you will find pictures of medicine cabinets with unique designs.  Each model is shown in picture along with information about its size, material, number of shelves, etc. The website is simple and although it lacks the sophisticated vibe, it is much easier to use. (
  3. Faucet Direct – Over a thousand of medicine cabinets can be found in this website. The cabinets are diversified in terms of brand, price range, installation type, frame, mirror type and shape, number of doors and shelves, color, etc. The categories should help you narrow down your choices, making it easier for you to find what you want without having to browse all of them. Their products are diligently reviewed by satisfied consumers, helping you decide if the purchase is worthwhile. However, you have to consider your own judgment to assess if the reviews are honest or biased. Each cabinet is aptly described and the technical specifications are also presented to you. (
  4. Broan – As they claim on-site, they do have traditional, contemporary, classic and unassuming transitional medicine cabinets that offer style and functionality. The variety of their collection may not be able to match that of the previous sites’ but the way the website is organized allows ease of use. You will have all the information you need about a specific medicine cabinet model in its order page. They also provided an installation guide in the form of a downloadable PDF file. Per observation, the medicine cabinets here are mostly of minimalist styles. (
  5. Home Portfolio – Here they have over a hundred of medicine cabinets you can choose from. The products are also classified in the usual way – to wit, by general style, price range, material, color, features, etc. The products you can find here are all sleek and stylish. Sufficient data describing the product can be found in its corresponding product page. The only downside is that the website doesn’t serve as an online shop. For US and Canada consumers, you are required to provide your zip code so that they can find in their database the showroom nearest you that possibly have the product on hand. The uncertainty of the availability of the product is definitely a disadvantage. (
  6. Bellacor – This is an online shop that specializes in lighting and home furnishing. They have about a hundred of different medicine cabinet products. Most of their cabinets have utilitarian design, so if you are not into over the top aesthetics when it comes to bathroom cabinets, you might find what you need here. They have an interface that allows you to narrow down your choices depending on your preferred type, color, finish and price range. As in the other websites, each product has its own order page where you can learn more about its make. (
  7. Bed Bath and Beyond – As the name of the site implies, this online shop is focused on selling bathroom and bedroom fixtures. Thus, if you are looking for a medicine cabinet, this is a great go-to place. They might not have a huge collection of medicine cabinets but the good thing about this website is that each medicine cabinet product is described and advertised in a user-friendly manner. (
  8. CSN Mirrors – From the name of the site, it is obvious that they primarily sell mirrors. Thus, medicine cabinets are one of their top products as traditional medicine cabinets have a mirror panel. They currently have over 300 different medicine cabinet products. If you click the link on this number, you will see thumbnails of various cabinets making it easier for you to compare. They also featured their bestsellers to help you know which of their products are most favored by their consumers. Every cabinet model has its own product page where it is efficiently described by the sites’ editors and reviewed by consumers. (
  9. – The best thing about this website is how its medicine cabinet products are classified. You can choose between classic and modern types, single or double door. You can narrow search results by indicating the brand, collection, material and price range you favor. It is noticeable that most of the products here are noticeably cheaper than those presented in the previous websites. The order page for a particular medicine cabinet  is complete with the said product’s technical specifications, description, user reviews and ratings, and FAQ’s regarding it that are answered concisely. The information about each medicine cabinet surely allows you to make more informed purchases. (
  10. My Health News Daily – This site is different from the rest I have presented so far since it is not an online shop. If you have already bought a medicine cabinet but you’re not sure as to how you would arrange and organize its contents, then take a tip from this article. It will surely help you efficiently organize the contents of your medicine cabinet so that you won’t have a tough time finding things in case of emergencies. (
  11. American Home Plus – This is basically the same with the first 9 websites I’ve listed – an online shop. But my problem with this shop is just how expensive the medicine cabinets here cost. You can probably get one with equal quality somewhere else. You would also notice that the thumbnail pictures of the listed products are repetitive, making it seem like there is no variety. (

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