All You Need for a Happy Life

I am a simple sort of a person and it doesn’t really take all that much to keep me happy. Here are a few of the things which could being a smile to my face. and put a spring in my step.

You might not consider medicine cabinets to be the most exciting things in the world but it depends what you put in them really. I do a lot of my travelling in places with high altitude and strong sun. This means that as well as sticky plasters, pills and creams I always have a few little sweets to help me out. They have helped me fight the effects of altitude sickness and general weakness on many journeys and have also helped me munch happily at other times.

With unlimited cotton candy machine rentals would I be happy? Not as much as my dentist I don’t think but, hey, if you are going to loose several teeth one way or another it might as well be in a blizzard of stringy, coloured sugar.

Would an African grey parrot keep me happy? It would certainly give me a chance to let it perch on my shoulder and pretend to be a pirate for a while.  Looking at it this way I think that every home should have a parrot in it, or at least a canary.

I don’t even know what cuisine cabico kitchen cabinets are but I am liking the vibe they are sending me. Is it a sign of getting old when kitchen furniture and fittings get you kind of excited? I remember back in the days when a shiny fridge would have not even recieved a passing glance from me. Sadly, I now show a lot of interest in domestic appliances when I am out and about looking groovy.

Could bead tools provide me with a route to eternal happiness? Possibly not but it’s got to be worth a shot. I have occasionally considered becoming a hippy and selling beads and things in Goa or Falkirk and this could be my chance to do it. With the right tools I reckon that I could make some lovely things which the tourists would lap up.

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