Back Home Again

Isn’t it a weird feeling to get back home again after a holiday? I recently arrived back after a nerve shredding and bone jarring 7 day car journey and it was strange to see my house appear around the corner as I arrived at my street. Of course, seeing it again made me realise some of the things I need to do to do it.

I definitely need someĀ  outdoor chair cushions. Why? Well, to sit down out side of course. I had never properly appreciated how peaceful my garden is, although as it is the rainy season here it is completely overgrown and wild after a week or so without being looked after. Maybe I’ll need those cushions to rest on after slashing my way through the vegetation.

One thing I don’t need are deer resistant plants, as there are none of the cervidae family roaming around here. However, I could do with some cow resistant plants, as some bovines regularly wander up to fence to chew on my plants. Do cow resistant plants even exist though? I just had a quick look online and it seems that they don’t. So I had better just hope that some deer move into the neighbourhood and shift the blooming cows.

French door refrigerators, aren’t they great? Err, depends what they are really. I am guessing that they are fridges (do people still call them fridges?) which come with attractive glass doors. Do I need one? No, not really. Do I want one? You are darn right I do. Can you imagine the fun I could have by looking at my yoghurts cool? Ah, hang on a second, it seems that they don’t come with windows after all. I’m still in a holiday mood so I’ll have one anyway and stick a picture of a cooling yoghurt on the door.

I have never been to any of the furniture shores NYC offers. Am I missing out on some thing here? I guess that they come with a lot of big apple chic but it is worth taking my next holiday there in order to buy the new wardrobe I need? Maybe furniture tourism in New York could become a new trend or maybe it already is, who knows?

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