Can You Imagine This?

It is a good idea to do something completely different every now and then. This is exactly what I thought yesterday when I went to the local river to furtively load about 3 tons of stones into my truck in order to build a patio. Hey, what are laws for if not to bend them a little every now and then? Here are a few  more things I might be trying soon to change my routine.

I have never tried my hand at bonsai tree care and it might be just the thing I need in order to relax and do something new. I could build a little Japanese zen garden and take to drinking sake of an evening. What’s not to like about this plan?

I could also get some fly fishing supplies and, well, go fly fishing really. I could spend many a happy hour a-reeling and a-catching. And now that the river has a lot less nasty rocks in it there is less chance of me stubbing one of my delicate toes.

Would it be worth investigating some Keurig coffee maker problems to give me something else to do? Hmm, ok then. Give me a shout if you want some trouble shooting done.

I could make my own tables and chairs? Do you know people who seriously do this? If you do then ask them why. Is it some kind of a hobby? Personally my new approach will be go shopping at the local stores. I saw the name of Ashley furniture and realised that I am way behind the times with mine. I’ve got tables which are so old that they fall apart if you put a half full glass of water on them.

I don’t think they ever used asbestos in the town where I live but I was reading about asbestos removal the other day and it reminded me how serious a problem this is in the UK among other places. This got me thinking that maybe I could find a job doing this dangerous but necessary work somewhere. There’s no harm in being serious for a while and there will still be plenty of time afterwards for going fishing and looking after my tiny little trees.

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