This list contains the top deals I've found for Chinese Antiques. We have also written about Chinese Costumes, Antique Furniture and 2013 Will be the Year of the ….?.
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Chinese Antiques

  1. Chinese Antique Furniture Shop: you’ll love Chinese Antique Furniture Shop for their wide range of Authentic Apothecary Chests, Architectural Fragments, Benches, Buffets, Chairs, Cabinets, Doors, Signs, Windows, Stools and other vintage stuffs.  (
  2. Gotheborg: This is a Japanese and Chinese Porcelain Collector’s Help Guide. They offer their extensive archive of translated and dated Japanese and Chinese porcelain. View their Glossary of their Archives, Q&A’s, and their related links. Join their Discussion Board and be connected with your co-collectors all over the world. (
  3. Chait: Chinese and other Asian Artifacts for sale here at Chait. Take a look at their reviews, together with some descriptions, and ratings. View their Bid and Track, and their sale info. (
  4. Chineart: This is your ultimate source of information and even your source of Chinese and other Antiques. View their new additions to their wide range of Chinese Furniture and Antiques. Be a Member here now and avail special coupons and avail for freebies and discounts. (
  5. Black Zebra: This is your source of wholesale Chinese Antiques. Chinese Antique Furniture can be bought here including Cabinets, Wedding Beds, Bedsides, Textiles, Crafts and Repros, and many more. Join their topic discussions here. (
  6. J Collector: All Chinese and other Asian Antiques for sale here at J Collector. Take a look at their New Arrivals here and read their descriptions below. Check out their price tags here and add them now to your online cart. These Antiques are so exceptional, you can’t believe their so cheap here. (
  7. Chao’s Chinese Antiques: This is your source of Chinese Antiques for Collectors out there. Visit their Product care section and view their tips and advices on how to maintain your Antiques. Do your online shopping here. They offer Custom order for this Furniture. (
  8. Orient Antique: Antique Chinese Items for immediate sale here at Orient. They offer Wholesale products for their Chinese Furniture including Large and Short Cabinets, Tables, Chairs, Trunks, Beds, Bamboo, and many more accessories. (

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