Could We Live Without This?

I had an internet problem last week. The service was down all week and I suffered from severe withdrawal symptoms which left me wondering what people did back in the old day when they couldn’t pop online to look at that Gangnam video again or check out what mischief their friends were up to on Facebook.

What other essentials of modern life might we not be able to live with these days?

Do you realise that in the past your great grandparents had to go out and cut down lots of trees to heat their home? That’s right; global warning is all their fault. In fact, my in laws still use wood to heat their home but I think that this is an increasingly rare thing to do. Nowadays we can use electric fireplaces to warm us without the need for wood. I for one don’t want to go back to the days when lunch was followed by a trip to the woods with an axe.

Another useful modern development is the arrival of artificial Christmas trees. Did you know that for centuries people had to use real trees? I guess that the good thing about this is that you could chop up the tree and use it in the fireplace once the festive season was over. However, artificial ones are a lot less messy, aren’t they?

They didn’t have a lot of crane services around in the old days, did they? Had this been the case then life would have been a lot easier for the guys building the pyramids, for example. Actually, I saw a programme the other day which said that they used a lot of modern technology in building the pyramids in Egypt but it is fair to say that only crackpots with wild hair on the Discovery channel think that this was true.

What would we do without fibreglass hot rods to give us our kicks? I guess we could grab a horse and cart and get a race going on but that just sounds a bit too Ben Hur for my liking.

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