How Did I Live Without This?

It is time to expand my mind and work out what I have been missing to date in my life. So let’s get started and see what else is out there in the big, wide world.

I have never been to any appliance factory outlets and I don’t think I have ever even see any such things either. So what are they? Well, it seems that they are outlets and possibly factories as well. And they make /sell / store appliances. So could I be interested in going to visit one of these places. Yip, I can never get enough of seeing lots of appliances in one place and I might take my daughter alone for a bit of family fun too.

I think I mentioned indoor outdoor carpets a while back, and I might have given the impression that I know what they are. I don’t, and it has been bugging me since then. Come on, something is either for indoor use or for outdoor use but this indoor outdoor thing just confuses me. I need to go for a lie down in my sitting sleeping chair to calm down.

Tempurpedic pillows, eh? Personally I use Micky Mouse ones but what do I know. It turns out that these are made from some sort of foam that astronauts invented orĀ  used or something. I am a big sketchy on the details but what is clear is that these pillows trap your head in a vice like grip while you sleep. Sounds nice.

I like sound of glass mechanix, as it sounds like the kind of construction toy I would have loved as a kid. If you are from Utah (Hi, Utah!) you probably realise that I don’t know what I am talking about. This isn’t a classy kid’s toy but rather a firm which fixes car windshields and other glass things.

To me olde stove works sounds like a gripping book based on historically accurate information about the tough life in olde tyme stove factories. I think I might actually be right on this one so I won’t even bother investigating it.

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