Lights, Microwave and Action

My life has been quite exciting lately. Well, if you call lots of things going wrong exciting that is.

I had a guy putting some gutters on the house the other day. He was cutting away happily outside when boom! the lights went off, the microwave stopped going round and the telly went dark. He had stuck the bare wires of his cutting machine (it might have a technical name I am unaware of) in my socket without a plug. An electrician finally sorted it out but the experience left me wondering what I would do if I had to live without electricity permanently.

I would definitely use patio dining sets. If you think about it, you probably only eat indoors because of the telly, the radio or the lights. If none of us had electricity I confidently predict that we would all eat all our meals in our gardens, which certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing.

If my light bulbs didn’t work I would just need to use fluorescent paint on the walls, wouldn’t I? Thankfully I had a few candles in the house when the lights went out so my normal paint wasn’t a problem. Actually, my little girl has glow in the dark animals on her ceiling which I love. Maybe I could fill the house with these instead.

Of course, I would need solar lights outdoor, indoor or anywhere else. While I am on the subject, has anyone else noticed that people who have solar power tend to be quite smug? Maybe it is just a coincidence but the 4 people I know who get their energy from the sun are kind of self satisfied. I guess I would be too if I didn’t pay for my electricity and was saving the planet at the same time.

Would a portable ice maker help me stay cool without my fridge? It is winter here but the last few days have been blooming hot. I never thought that I would want an ice cream during the winter but I am just about to nip out for one if you don’t mind.

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