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Mosaic Patterns

Creating images by assembling tiny pieces of colored glass, stones and other suitable materials pertains to Mosaic art. Mosaic art found in old cathedrals and palaces are culturally, socially and spiritually significant. This art form is ancient as there are Greco-Roman mosaics that date back to 4th century B.C. Today, a mosaic art is found everywhere – on the wall of a house, on a Japanese courtyard, on a coffee table, on a kitchen counter…the possibilities are endless.

  1. Learn How to Create Your Own Mosaic Art: Truly, there are so many beautiful mosaic patterns available online. The thing is, how will I be able to utilize any of the patterns if I have no inkling on how to do a simple mosaic. So, what better way to start appreciating the art than by learning on how to do it? (
  2. Illustrated Mosaic Instructions – How to Make a Mosaic: Here’s a website that offers free, simple instructions on an easy mosaic project. The project presented here is for an indoor mosaic which is, more or less, free from excessive moisture. The key in making a good mosaic is to use the right size of tiles and glue. For beginners, it is best to choose a small, simple pattern. You would not want to start a big project unless you have tried your hands on an initial mosaic project first.  (
  3. Mosaic Art Supplies: A tile is not just a tile in the field of mosaic art. There are stained glass mosaic tiles, mirror glass mosaic tiles, iridescent tiny recycled glass mosaic tiles and more.  They come in various colors and sizes too. One time, I did a simple square mosaic in the garden. Instead of buying mosaic tiles, I used scraps of tile leftover from various house renovations. The thing is, it’s not really easy to cut tiles! (
  4. Mosaic Tools and Tool Kit: You need a mosaic tool kit, of course. The usual tools are straight nipper, parrot nipper, curved nipper, a boat grouter, tile file and sponge. If you are just starting, it is best to buy a basic tool kit. As you become more adept, then buy more specialized mosaic tools. (
  5. Mosaic Patterns: This article has numerous links to free mosaic patterns.  Check out all the links as the available mosaic patterns are varied. There are simple patterns and intermediate ones. The beauty of these patterns is that they could be used as stained glass patterns too. One link points to a coloring book mosaic pattern in PDF,  numbered et al. (
  6. Free Mosaic Patterns: The patterns on this website are categorized into different categories in PDF format for easy download. You can easily have the patterns enlarged at the photo shop. An interesting category is the Celtic animal. You can even use the prints as coloring pages for your little child. (
  7. Mosaic Patterns: This website has printable mosaic patterns. They print in A4 paper but you can readily take them to a photocopier to have the pattern enlarged. Most designs entail at least three colors of tiles. The only catch is that you have to pay a one-time, life-time membership of $9.00. Fair enough. (
  8. Studio Gallery: On this website are pages and pages of actual mosaic projects.  The mosaic art pieces are made of stained glass and are definitely not easy to make. Just browse through the gallery and be inspired. Who knows? You might be able to do one, one day soon. (
  9. Design a Mosaic: This website will assist you make your own mosaic pattern.  The designs pertain to geometric Roman mosaics, Greek Key Roman mosaics, Roman maze mosaics and Celtic knot mosaics. For simpler designs there are patterns for chevrons, diagonals and arrows.  After designing the mosaic pattern, you can print it! (
  10. Mosaics: This website has an extensive content on mosaics. From its history to pool mosaics to bathroom mosaics to school project mosaics to outdoor mosaics and more. An interesting feature on this website is the article on How to Make a Mosaic using one of the three methods in mosaic making. (

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