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Mosaic Art

The art of creating or crafting beautiful and colorful images with the use of small pieces of colored stone, glasses, ceramic or any other material is called Mosaic.  This form of art work has been in existence since Ancient Greek and Roman times. Through the ages, mosaic art has evolved in terms of technique and material used but its essence remains the same.  Mosaic art depicts the culture, history, signs and scenes typical of the time it was made.

  1. History of Mosaic Art: Mosaic art goes some 4,000 years back. Terracotta stones were used as materials. Crude mosaic art was evident until the 8th century B.C. By the 4th century B.C. the ancient Greeks refined the use of terracotta stones and colored pebbles by designing geometric patterns that were detailed and precise. The favorite subjects back then were animals and people. By 200 B.C. tesserae were used for more a wider range of colors. (
  2. Mosaic Art Artists: This website features some of the most credible names in the today’s mosaic art.  From abstract to still life to caricature to scenes and portraits, the mosaic art featured in this website is quite extensive. Mosaic artists such as Luca Carlo Comba, Rhonda Heisler, Maylee Christie and Julie Dilling are featured here. Schedule of Mosaic Art Exhibits is listed on this website. (
  3. Mosaic Artist Gallery : This website has an extensive online registry of mosaic artists and mosaic studios. This website is most helpful to mosaic artists who are interested in joining the registry to make them more visible in the community of mosaic art aficionados. This website also provides easy access to mosaic artists for those looking for original mosaic art works. (
  4. Joe Acampora: A native of California, the artist has been involved in tiling and stone setting for more than 25 years.  Aside from custom designing and crafting intricate mosaic art, he also does restoration and sealing of various stones such as Mexican tiles.  He has been commissioned for both commercial and residential mosaic art pieces. He is comfortable in doing vases and murals. (
  5. Creative Art and Mosaics: Doreen Adams’s Mosaic Art is akin to a very colorful, raised “painting”.  She accepts commission for mosaic art for wall panels, either hung or done directly to the wall. It can be incorporated into mirrors, tables and benches. You can even opt to make your kitchen, bathroom and garden with a fitting mosaic art. (
  6. Laurie Mika: This very talented mosaic artist uses mixed-media in creating mosaic art. She prefers to se handmade polymer clay tile for her tessarae.  Her mosaic art is highly influenced by Medieval and Renaissance art, with religious icons as subjects. Her mosaic art are not mere representations of saints and other sacred icons. Each art work is imbued with personal experiences and folk traditions. (
  7. Gallery: This website features mosaic art made of stained glass. The artist, Haley Alcock, works are whimsical, playful and very colorful. The subjects range from playful animals to landscapes, seascapes and skyscapes. The artist offers classes in mosaic-ing and has an online store for mosaic tools and materials. (
  8. Mosaic Mirrors: Vicki Lanford choose to do mosaic art on mirrors. Her mosaic mirrors are simply beautiful and unique. No two creations are alike as each piece takes on a different shape, materials and theme. Round, rectangular or square, Lanford’s approach in crafting mosaic mirrors is extraordinary. (
  9. Laura K. Aiken: Who says mosaic art are limited into walls, mirrors, tables and vases? Aiken expresses her passion for mosaic art in jewelries.  She makes beautiful and one-of-a-kind pendants for women of all ages. For those who are interested in learning this ancient craft, Aiken offers workshops.(
  10. Mosaic Making: This website points out to do-it-yourself mosaic projects.  The projects are quite practical and easy- from house number plates to planters. The step-by-step instruction is easy to follow. Buying the needed materials is not a problem too as the site has links to where you can buy them. Links to tools, tips and techniques are also on the website. (

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    In early days mosaic art is mostly used in religious places like churches and even graves. Now it’s a fashion to decorate place with mosaic artwork.

    Posted 07 Jun 2015 at 7:13 pm

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