How to Avoid Parking Charges

I was just left open mouthed when I read that foreign diplomats over millions of pounds worth of parking charges in London. It seems that they benefit from immunity to fines but I wonder what other methods there are to avoid fines.

You could look for local archery courses and put your new skills to good use. Now, I am not for a second suggesting that you fire arrows at the poor, overworked and under appreciated parking wardens. No, instead you should get your or partner to drive while you look for a space on foot. You then put a note on the arrow with directions and fire it into the car from away. Could this be considered too dangerous for urban streets?

Another option is to find some small dog breeders and then train the diminutive pooches to pull you along the streets on a sled. I believe that dog powered sleds are also immune to parking charges in most big cities although I can’t guarantee it.

Do you like close enough to some water that sea kayaks essentials could come in handy? I really like the idea of paddling to work each day and I can’t see you getting a parking fine on your boat. If you don’t have anywhere to park it then you could just take into the office with you. It could provide a real talking point when your boss comes around to hassle you.

Don’t you just hate it when you see a tiny parking space which someone has caused by parking over the little white line? Instead of banging your fist off the dashboard in rage you can now do something about it. With the right agility training you could park in the tightest spots and climb out through the window onto the roof and on your way to work.

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