North Korea Calling

I was interested to see the other day that North Korea is finally going to let foreigners use their phones when they are in the country. I don’t have any immediate plans to head over to Pyongyang but it is still nice to know that the option is there. Actually, it isn’t really, as I am not one of those people who takes their mobile phone with them everywhere.

In fact, at this precise moment in time I don’t have a clue where it is. Anyway, this got me thinking about how different the world would be if we scrapped mobile phones once and for all.

Outdoor bar stools would definitely be more popular. It makes sense when you think about it. Nowadays you probably sit inside the bar and send text messages to your friend to tell them where to meet you. Without your phone you will need to sit outside and frantically indicate to them across the street like we used to do in the old days.

Would mail boxes become more used agai?. Do you remember those crazy, hazy days when you had to write a letter if you want to send something to someone. HoldĀ  on though, are we going to scrap email as well as phones now? I guess we might as well. Get real letters back in our lives again please.

On a more negative note, how would you contact your family and friends if you were away doing something utterly enthralling like trout farming or cheese rolling? Actually, wouldn’t you prefer to feel that you were completely uncontactable at times like this? I now live in a place where you can easily find a place which seems completely cut of from the rest of the world and I can’t imagine living in the crowded UK again. My phone signal doesn’t even work when I stray a couple of miles from home anyway.

My neighbour will defInitely need an automatic garage door opener now. He seems to wait until he enters our street and phones home so that one of the kids goes out and opens the garage door for him, which is the height of laziness if you ask me.

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