Let’s Make a YouTube Record

Isn’t it time that we put our heads together and made a YouTube sensation which knocks that South Korean horse thing off its perch? It can’t be that difficult, can it?

Could I build a hip hop video around electric fireplaces? I honestly can’t see how. It has to be said that electric appliances for the home don’t feature as prominently in music videos as they should. I think there might have been an electric heater in an old Wham video but I can’t really remember much more than that. It’s time to get a fridge or a washing machine as the centre piece of my video.

My YouTube effort wouldn’t be complete without some classy mosaic patterns, would it? I was thinking of filming it inĀ  my kitchen at first, because of the closeness of my kitchen appliances. However, I havne’t got round to painting the walls yet so maybe that wouldn’t be a great idea. After all, I don’t want 2 billion people seeing my peeling paint and the big space where my spice rack fell down last year.

Could hibiscus plants help me get people interested in my song from Moscow to Canberra and from Buenos Aires to Oban? I don’t know but at least they’ll make the garden look better I suppose. I ventured out into it last night after a week of constant rain and the place is a disaster zone. The plants are waterlogged, my weird pile of sand is all over the place and even my little girl’s bike is all wet.

Getting the colour right and using the right paint colors is essential I believe. Thankfully my little girl is addicted to painting and will presumably make me something which gets the attention I need. At the moment she loves painting little cardboard figures of Hello Kitty and that strange strawberry girl, so it could turn out to be an even more unusual video than the Gangham one.

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