The Job of the Future

My little girl is only two years old but I think that it is time to start looking at her possible future career. I wonder what she will be doing in a couple of decades time?

Will she be herding Spanish goats? She certainly loves to see animals and always lets out a squeal of delight when we visit our relatives who run a farm. I am not sure that it is the ideal career for her but it could turn out to be pretty lucrative if Spanish goat’s cheese becomes a luxury diary item like it should do.

I know what she could do. She could make classic cheesecakes. This actually got me a bit worried, as I haven’t eaten a quality cheesecake in ages. Could it be that they are dying out and will disappear completely if we don’t do something about it.  I think she needs to work out how to make them and then make sure that they carry on being eaten (at least by me) for the forseeable future. She could then become a champion for retro desserts and expand into other areas such as bread and butter puddings and blancmange.

If there is one job I can imagine her doing it is auto wrecking. She loves nothing better than destroying things. Yesterday we were moving around some plants (I know, my life is just too exciting). When I turned around she was standing in the middle of a huge pile of ripped up flowers and leaves. If I gave her the keys to our car she would probably wreck it in about 10 seconds as well.

Could she have a future in the world of rockabilly. It’s not a style which is real big around these parts but she loves all sort of music.  Her favourite just now are the classics sung by her favourite dinosaurs and by those little animals who go out into their garden to have lots of adventures. In a few years time she sould be crooning in front of excited rockabilly audiences and twanging a guitar.

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