Time for a Drive

I love going out driving at the weekend. There aren’t actually that many places I can go from here, as the nearest city to here is about 9 hours drive away. However, there are a few villages and such like to choose from.

Possibly the best choice is the pilgrimage site about 2 hours drive away (or 15 hours walk). There is a Virgin Mary statue which attracts thousands of pilgrims each year. The pilgrim season is over so the place will be deserted and I can place a candle there all on its own. You don’t have to be religious to enjoy this place as it has a very special atmosphere to it.

Alternatively, I could go and watch my nephew play in a local football tournament. They put an awful lot of importance on the sporting world here and I guess it is time I join in some way or another.I ain’t going to be playing so I can watch from the side and shout encouraging words.

I could always go and get some fishing lures. I am sorry, what are these things? Are they like the little copper fish my Dad used to make in order to attract fish but never used because he never ever went fishing? Actually, there aren’t a lot of waterways around here and I wouldn’t know where to start looking for fish. I have never fished in my life but sometimes I miss the chance to do so.

If I let my wife make the decision she will take us to a tree nursery or something similar. If my daughter decides we will go to the park with a big statue of Barney in it. Again. Actually, the Barney park sounds quite fun. We haven’t been there for,ooh at least a week.  Every time we go there is appears to be the first time for her and she goes running up to her big purple dinosaury hero for a hug.

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