What’s the Best Way to Peel a Potato?

Am I the only person who struggles to peel potatoes? I guess I could be that I like to think that at least a few other people end up with more potato in the rubbish than on their plates. I tried some specialist potato peeling devices but they didn’t seem to work out very well either. So what could I do now to make the most of my tubers?

Maybe if I had long, strong acrylic nails I could kind of scratch off the potato peel while, hey, looking good at the same time. This could be the start of a new trend, as we get different types of nail fitted for varying tasks throughout the house.

If I used the best steak knives money can buy would this help, or would that be like hiring a steamroller to crack a peanut open? I don’t think I have ever owned a really good steak knife in my life and maybe this would be the solution to all of my cutting and peeling issues, which, to be fair, are numerous.

I used to work beside an annoying guy who would constantly urge me to “think outside the box”. I didn’t even know what this meant at the time and it used to really annoy me when he said it. However, I am now going to use his advice after all these years and finally think outside the box. So, what if I stopped eating potatoes and replaced them with seaweed products? Hey, this thinking outside the box stuff is pretty good after all.

It doesn’t have much to do with potatoes with but what on Earth is a water trampoline? Can you jump up and down on it while underwater? Actually, maybe this would be a better way of peeling potatoes and it would certainly be a lot more fun. Anything which involves water and jumping up and down has got to be worth doing in my book.

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