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Backyard Landscaping

There is always something that you look for from your backyard landscaping. You may be trying to create an entertainment area where you can host friends for cookouts, or get a place done where you can just sit back and relax in a meditation garden. If you have kids and/or pets, you’ll have to take their needs into account when designing your backyard landscaping. Online, lots of design tips are presented. As food for thought before you begin, consider some DIY landscape design basics, such as the difference between designing for real estate value and designing for your own needs.

  1. ServiceMagic – The site relies so much on pictures of completed backyard landscaping projects to speak for their expertise. You won’t be bothered by narratives, all proofs by browsing through the gallery of pictures until you get that sound idea as basis of your own project. (
  2. Home – The site belongs to award-winning team who will work with you to create long-lasting designs that will transform your outdoor space. They can help you realize your personal vision in a way that best complements the style of your home. An enticing backyard environment is a great enhancement you can do your home. With the experts’ hand you can do justice to every detail. You can even enjoy their one-year warranty on plant materials and a 2-year warranty on hardscapes services. (
  3. Squidoo – In the art of landscaping, there is no such thing as small backyard. You cannot complain for a space too small. There is no reason for such as the site provides the needed guidance for you to be able to transform your tiny space into a beautiful garden. Landscaping a small backyard does not limit you. The possibilities are endless and you will have more time enjoying what you have created rather than working to take care of a large yard. (
  4. HGTV– This is where you can get the inspiration to do enhancement to your backyard without much difficulty. You can find out how to make the most of patios, decks and all your outdoor areas, plus tips from master gardeners for beautiful flower beds and bountiful vegetable gardens. (
  5. The Landscape Design Site – Backyard landscaping is usually a more personal design, they are created for privacy, entertaining, a garden area, and relaxing. You don’t usually see any patios, swimming pools, barbeques, or ponds in the front yards of most homes. Get stuck with this site as one by one they lay before you basic backyard landscaping tips, design considerations and plan features. These will surely contribute to your making a great backyard landscape. (
  6. Southern Living – This can attest that you can have that stunning look for your backyard without costing you much on your budget. You only have to master the smart tips and design ideas. These are all what it takes to recreate the beauty of nature in your backyard. (
  7. Backyard Landscape Ideas – The article in the site can shed light on the many aspects of backyard landscaping. Every good backyard landscape design begins with a plan. One of the best things about planning your backyard landscape is you can do each portion as your budget allows. It also lets you see how things grow for a bit before you add the next part. Your landscape plan should include a drawing showing what plants and features will go where. It should also include a plant list that includes all the pertinent information about each plant selection. The plan should show any changes that will need to be done to existing walkways, structures and plantings. (
  8. Backyard – This site is a beginner’s resource to not only sprucing up your backyard, but also your front yard and your entire property. Landscaping doesn’t just stop with the backyard. Over 100 unique,  which you won’t find anywhere else on the Internet, articles ( by just clicking a full list of articles on this site comes out) on backyard landscaping, landscaping, landscaping ideas, plant selection, pool landscaping and a lot, lot more. A great help indeed. (
  9. Plant Care – The site provides a dozens of landscaping ideas to choose from when it comes to making your backyard landscaping design more personal. One key to success is making your landscape pop comes from planning. Browsing through magazines looking at patio designs can help you create a picture in your mind and help visualize the look you’re trying to achieve. Just as you would decorate a room with a focal point, take the time to draw up a plan of the landscape and what focal points you want to jump out and draw your eyes to. (
  10. Gardening Channel – You are being encouraged by the site to consider dome factors before you dwell your thoughts on the design. These factors would include knowing the following: how the family uses the yard, landscaping elements already in the yard, new landscape elements desired, areas that need to be screened or hidden, acceptable level of maintenance after completion, budget and growing conditions. Getting insights on these factors can lead you to come up with the perfect design. (
  11. Landscape Planet – Everything has been said and the site just repeats all ideas contain in an article that is too long to read. This wouldn’t be appealing to some who needs to know the basic ideas in quickest time possible. (

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