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Pergola Covers

Pergolas provide partial shade to areas of your yard where it is desired, such as a patio. Almost all pergolas feature a lattice of wood supported on top by four corner posts. The lattice filters the sun coming through but doesn’t block it completely and allows you to still enjoy the sunlight. Pergola covers are desirable if too much sun is coming through the lattice or to block out rain and moisture. Making your cover is inexpensive and gives you creative control over the final look.
1. Backyard America – The site has several designs of pergola covers or pergola canopies, made from quality components but maintained simple and easy designs. You can actually enjoy the easy installation. They also have one cover or canopy that is remote controlled for you to enjoy that push-button thing. All these and more in very affordable prices. (

2. eHow Home – Learning how to cover a pergola is made easy by the site’s valuable information on DIY pergola covers. Materials recommended for use as covers include fabric which should be weather and fade resistant especially if these are intended for outdoor use, another is, living plants which provide additional shade and beauty to your pergola. Train vining plants such as wisteria or trumpet vines up the arms and over the top of the pergola. The flowers will hang down between the lattice adding to the garden charm. Clear covers made from clear patio awning materials are another great option. Any of those mentioned in the can be used with DIY tips that are easy to follow. (

3. ShadeFX – Their specialization keeps in mind your total relaxation and enjoyment amidst natural elements: rain or sun. You can go through the pictures in their gallery section where canopies of completed residential projects can be viewed for your reference. The luxury of covering areas up to 600 sq-ft under one retractable canopy happens at the push of a button. Only ShadeFX is designed to protect large areas from both sun and rain, while allowing the option of open sky for enjoying perfect days to the fullest. (

4. Solara – If you ever wonder how you can take charge or take control of the amount of light and shade you can receive, Solara patio cover will make it possible for you. It is made entirely of aluminum (including the louvers, which open and close as you desire), and therefore requires no maintenance at all. Solara’s smart patio cover enables you to significantly increase your living space and quality of life during the warm summer days as well as during the colder and rainy winter season. You won’t anymore have trouble dealing with the fact that your use of your porch is subject to weather changes. You now gain control over it. (

5. The Pergola Designs – You can benefit from the site’s detailed information on how to go about making perfect pergola based on your preference. Whatever designs you are looking at to complete the theme of your pergola and its pergola roof, then choose wisely. Get the ones which will work best with the weather in your area as well as the amount of light that you need. Depending on your need you can even have the option of changing the design or reposition your roof. (

6. PergolaPatioCover – People behind this site are the most experienced and trusted sellers of wood pergola, vinyl pergolas, metal pergolas, fiberglass pergola, and pergola options in North America. They have a huge inventory of pergola sizes (small to patio covers), styles and accessories to choose from. In case you can’t find online a particular pergola or patio cover or accessory, you can get in touch with them directly through phone and you will be attended to with their excellent customer service. (

7. Home – In a lot of ways, it is easy to make pergola cover in as much as there are many ways to go about it including making one yourself. One thing to keep in mind is to take note for how long this cover will be on. Once you know the answer then you can decide what materials you will use. If it is there only for a day for an important event or occasion then the most appropriate to use is the fabric. That would be the case if you expect it to be an all sun day. But if it meant to be there permanently, materials which are weather-proof should be selected. More great ideas about pergolas are provided by this site that will aid you in making one that suits your need and preference. (

8. Rick’s – You can trust this site to give you details on making a pergola with all its accessories that will bring out yours and your home’s  personality. It is so tailored to your preferred style that it can speak more about you and your personal taste. Their custom cedar pergolas add shade and artistic design to any home or patio. (

9. Four Season– Their best guarantee is an outdoor living where your family stays drier in the rain and cooler in the sun. Enjoying huge patronage, their pergola patio cover is on limited availability. While they promised elegance, you can be sure theirs are affordable and easy on your pockets. (

10. Premier Pergolas – They specialize in assisting you create a unique yet functional outdoor living area, a place to entertain friends and family or just sit back and enjoy your own private oasis. By affordability, it means being able to meet or beat the prices for a comparable product. They welcome those with discriminating taste. Their Premier Pergolas are in a class by themselves, proven by the great pictures adorning the site’s front page. (

11. Shady Plains – They cater only to pergola enthusiasts that exclusively want fabric as the material to be used to cover their pergola. The site’s scope is limited. They don’t cover much of the market that search for a wider service especially where pergola is concerned. (

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