Driving Me Crazy

Some things in life just drive you crazy, don’t they? In my case, there are a lot of things which do this and if I think about it I am sure that there are a lot more out there which I just haven’t come across yet.

I haven’t ever had serious problems with electric fireplaces so far. However, I can’t rule out this happening in the future. Meanwhile, I’ll just need to make do with arguing with my gas fire. They use gas tanks here, which you need to go and refill when they run out. You can imagine the fun I have when it is the middle of winter and I can’t get it refilled because there is no gas in the city at all (something which happens surprisingly often considering that this is a gas producing region).

The dining table sets are among the most innocuous looking things in my house but they still cause me a lot of hassle. I have an outdoor set which is usually, well, indoors. This means that when the sun shines I need to huff and puff and move it outside. Of course, when it rains I need to push it back indoors again before collapsing in a heap.

Have you ever had problems with your Christmas trees? I know that this joyful piece of season decoration only gets used once a year but that is still enough to get my back up. If you have never tried storing a Christmas tree which is bigger than you inĀ  plastic box which is too small for it then you are missing out on one of life’s small but enduring pleasures.

Why do my flowering plants never flower? Seriously, I have lots of plants outside but none of them has more than one flower on it. Personally, I think the ants eat them but I can never catch the rascals in the act. Anyway, I try to convince myself that flowers are over rated and that a lot of green leaves are better to look at anyway.

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