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How to Get Rid of Termites

Unless you specifically look for them, termites might hide and thrive in your home without you being any wiser until you see signs of damage. Though there are different kinds of termite, all types need shelter, moisture, food and favorable temperature to survive. No matter what construction type your house is, there’s a possibility that it presents perfect conditions for a termite colony.

  1. Termites: Termites have been around when dinosaurs roamed the earth.  They are social insects that they raise their young as a group. There are four different species of termites namely: dampwood termites; drywood termites; Formosan termites and subterranean termites. (
  2. Termite Control- Signs of Termites (video): Drywood termites consume wood and as they do, they burrow mazes of chambers and tunnels within walls and even wooden furniture. They leave sawdust-like feces where they have nested or eaten. Subterranean termites have underground colonies that are accessible through tunnels made from their saliva, feces and mud. (
  3. Termites: How to Reduce Your Home’s Risk Infestation: In the United States alone, $2 billion is spent annually for the prevention and treatment of termites.  This article presents suggestions on how to deter termites from entering your home.  For example, cellulose that comes in contact with soil is perfect for termites. One solution to this problem is to remove roots, dead trees and stump away from the foundation. (
  4. How to Get Rid of Termites: This website offers information on how to control termite, prevent possible infestation and have some natural (green) methods on how to get rid of termites. An easy way to trap termites is to use a cardboard trap. Stack 2-3 pieces of cardboard, wet it then place it in a place where there are termites. Wait for the termites to infest the cardboard trap. After a day or two, take the infested cardboard trap then burn it. (
  5. Termite Control: Answers for Homeowners: Here is a website that answers pertinent questions about termites, prevention and treatment. Know that subterranean termite infestation is quite serious and need to be addressed by professional exterminator. Know that March to May are the months when “swarmers” (winged termites) emerge. (
  6. How to Kill and Get Rid of Termites: Here is a website that suggests the use of different types of chemicals and baits to get rid of termites. There are links on how to effectively identify and get rid of drywood, dampwood, Formosa and subterranean termites. (
  7. Do It Yourself Termite Control Products and Treatment: There are different chemicals to control and get rid of termites. There are termite baits, liquids and combination thereof. Termite baits are less of a hassle as there is no trenching or drilling required. Liquid termite control products, on the other hand, are really fast acting. (
  8. Termite Bait- How Termite Baiting Works: What exactly is termite baiting? This type of termite control kills all the workers in the colony. When the workers have been eliminated, there will no longer be a supply of food, thereby starving the colony. It is a fact that the termite queens, reproductives and soldiers cannot feed themselves, so eventually they too starve and die. (
  9. Five Ways to Get Rid to Termites: The first thing to do is to inspect the house for a sign of infestation. Remember that termites love wood and moisture so make sure there are no damp wood near your house. (
  10. Using Orange Oil to Treat Drywood Termites: Orange oil is not orange juice. It is actually an extract from orange peels and is not soluble in water. D-Limonene is the active ingredient in orange oil and is actually also effective insecticide against mites, mosquitoes, crickets, ants and termites. When injected in an infected wood, the orange oil actually dissolved the exoskeleton of the termite which destroys its cell membranes. (

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