Is Barney the World Leader We Need?

My daughter worships Barney the dinosaur so much that I can’t help thinking that he could be the solution all of the world’s problems. Our purple friend certainly couldn’t be much worse that some of the leaders we have these days, so how would he solve the biggest problems facing humanity in the 21st century such as global warming, the economic crisis and armed conflicts?

By singing and dancing of course. This made me think that maybe there are simpler answers to other issues which at first seem really complex.

What if your dog is feeling lonely? Maybe other people’s canine chums don’t have this problem but mine slouches about all day looking a bit sad. The problem is that when we try and get him outside he doesn’t want to go. Maybe the solution is to look at getting him some dog boarding fun. Maybe pooches look at this kind of thing the way we view going on holiday somewhere exotic. He gets to meet new friends and try out new, exotic food. Problem solved.

Can’t get hair perfection? I gave up the ghost on my own thatch long ago and now limit myself to a couple of half hearted combing attempts a week. However, other people seem more concerned about maintaining their locks in tip top condition. Why not get a different wig for each day of the week? The added bonus is that you can stalk people and no one will know it’s you (note: stalking is not recommended regardless of hair condition)

Are you fed up being a wimp? I know I am. I could use weights all day long and eat my body weight in whey protein and I would still be as skinny as a supermodel with an upset stomach who has just fallen under a steamroller . Could a martial arts fitness centre be the answer? Only if they go easy on me until I sort out my ying and my yang.

Does life leave a taste of nothingness in your mouth. A serious, personal recommendation I can give is to try some sabores latinos. The best decision I ever made was to travel to Latin America and try out a different kind of life. The food and the friendliness of the people has made it a place which I class as my favourite in the world.Now if you will excuse me I am off for another empanada.

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