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Modern Bar Stools

Most modern homes are designed with provision for social entertaining. This is because the modern family tends to do a lot of entertaining at home. If your house seems to be a gathering place for family and friends, it is more likely that you do have a home bar, either inside or outside the house. There are modern bar stools to fit various home styles. Bar stools are great additions as furniture. Even if you don’t have a home bar, you can always fit 1-2 bar stools by the kitchen counter.

  1. What are the different Styles of Bar Stools?: As with all furniture, there are different types of modern bar stools. There are styles with or without arm rests. There are styles that swivel.  There are styles with frames made of wood or metal.  There are bar stool that are upholstered and there are styles fitted with cushions. Whatever your requirements, there is a bar stool for you. (
  2. Need Information on Barstools?: How do you determine the height of the bar stool? Well you have to measure the height of the table or counter first in order to determine the bar stool’s height. The accepted standard is a 10-12 inches difference between the counter /table top and the bra stool’s seat. If the counter is 30 inches high, then a fitting bar stool would have to be 40 to 42 inches high. (
  3. Bar Stools: There are more than 1,000 bar stools design offered in this website. Narrowing down your choice is quite easy as there are options relating to price, material, height and style. Wood is a very popular choice as there are plenty of styles available. A 24-inch wooden saddle stool is very affordable at only $32.00 each. (
  4. Contemporary Bar Stools: With arms, without arms. Swivel, non-swivel. Upholstered, non-upholstered. With back, without back. This website has a large collection of bar stools with adjustable height or fixed height, available in different colors such as black, brown, white and off-white, red, pewter, purple, pink, mocha, turquoise and more. The prince range is $ 49 to $1,000 plus per piece. (
  5. Bar Stools + Tables: There are a number of contemporary-styled bar stools offered in this website. The bar or counter stools are modern and made of stainless steel, hard plastic and foam-padded leatherette seats. The sophisticated and stylish bar stools will easily fit in any modern home bar, kitchen counter and commercial bar. (
  6. Bar/Counter Stools: For brand-conscious homeowners, the bar stools and counter stools offered in this website carry designer brands such as Catellan Italia, Bonaldo, Idealsedia, Magis, SohoConcept, Zuo Modern and more. Stylish, elegant and contemporary, the bar stools come in varied designs, materials, colors and styles. The bar stools are affordable with some items pegged at a low $150 each. (
  7. 98 Eclectic Bar Stools and Counter Stools: Pine on metal frame, handcarved wooden stools, wicker bar stools and more are available on this site. The designs are varied with some traditional and vintage pieces while other designs are avant-garde and contemporary. The bar stool designs might seem impractical in some, yet highly functional. Made of high quality materials and of superb craftsmanship, the bar stools are outstanding. (
  8. Discount Wood Bar Stools: Wood is a desired material for kitchen bar stools as it is stylish and functional with just the right touch of class, at an affordable price. A wooden bar stool is very traditional but could hold its place in the modern home. Most wooden bar stools are made of cherry and oak while some very inexpensive country pieces are made of pine. Some styles are fitted with foam-padded seats, upholstered in leather or leatherette. (
  9. What to Look for When Buying Bar Stools: In case you cannot decide what type of bar stool to buy, here is an article with practical insights on what type of bar stool to purchase.  First, you should have a general idea of what type of bar stool you are looking for. At least have an idea if what you prefer is wood or metal frame.  What is the style that you prefer? Traditional? Contemporary? (
  10. How to Maintain Wrought Iron Bar Stools: It is quite easy to clean and maintain wrought iron bar stools. Using household cleaning products followed by a coating of car wax should do the trick. (

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