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Why do people collect strange things like old matchboxes, iron on a competitive basis or put up loads of seashells on their walls? It beats me but I decided to come up with the weirdest hobbies I could think of and then see if I could find some evidence of whether they exist anywhere other than in my head.

What about painting the faces of presidents and prime ministers onto modern bar stools? I found something called a president bar stool but sadly there was no false, ingratiating smile anywhere to be seen on it. I also found some details about someone racing a president on a bar stool and decided to call it a day at that point.

Does anyone in the world collect light switch covers, and if so why? I have to confess that these are highly useful items for, well, covering up light switches. If you have ever seen a coverless light switch then you will have no doubt appreciated the ugliness and dangerousness of it. A quick google search suggests that the world hasn’t yet sunk to the level in which people feel the need to collect this sort of stuff. On a more interesting note, I found some utterly bizarre covers which made me think that maybe they are worth collecting after all.

What about racing on patio dining sets? Mine looks pretty nifty if I say so myself. Would anyone out there have the guts and the aerodynamically designed chairs to challenge me? It seems not, although I did learn the top ten things to think about before buying a patio dining set. Who knew it was so complicated?

Ok, I really want to find a weird hobby so I am going to relax the criteria now. I only want to find something which has anything to do with a full length mirror. Hooray. I found that people enjoy doing things like hanging them and making them look rather silly. It might not be up there with the guys who carve designs onto bars of soap or spend hours at train stations noting down serial numbers but its a start.

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  1. marina lucas wrote:

    There are people who were born unique and very interesting. Even their choice of sports or hubby is not that common and ordinary.

    Posted 31 Oct 2012 at 6:41 am
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