Time for Some Adventure

Have you ever got the impression that your life has slipped into a bit of a rut and that you need to do something different? As I write this I have my slippers on and haven’t set a foot outside of my house in two days. Things have to change.

Maybe I could try keeping some wild animals. I don’t think a lion would fit into my spare room but don’t bee keepers lead an exciting life? Maybe not but if I got bored with the work I could give myself a massive honey hit and probably wake up a couple of days later wondering where I was (disclaimer – massive honey hits are potentially dangerous and should only be taken by professional bee keepers or fools)

Who knew that you could rent cotton candy machines? This is the best thing I have come across in days and I wonder what would happen if I dipped my cotton candy into loads of honey? Cotton candy machine rentals are definitely the way forward for mankind but I worry that they would confirm a fear I have been unwilling to face up to all of my life; that cotton candy consists of nothing more than sugar and artificial colouring.

Aqua hockey pools sound pretty exciting, don’t they? Would that be a water hockey pool or am I missing something? I used to know a guy who played in the Northern Ireland water hockey team but he never called it aqua hockey mind.

Sometimes you can brighten up your life by looking at something completely different and I have decided to choose something which I have never heard of before. What about needle air seeders. What are these things? The three words all make sense separately. Needle- yep, thin object usually using for sewing. Air – colourless and odourless substance which we breathe. Seeders – something for planting seeds I suppose. But all three words together just don’t mean anything to me. I think I’ll buy some and then work out what to do with them. Talk about living the high life.

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