Would a New Pet Keep My Floor Cleaner?

I have a problem with Bruno. I have mentioned my pooch on here before but I don’t think I have mentioned his penchant for using the living room floor as a toilet. We rescued him from the street and he seems to have some issues with going outside, so, hey, he just lifts up his leg indoors.

I am not suggesting getting rid of the stumpy legged like tyke but in the future what type of pet could avoid me waking up to a puddles on the floor and the alluring stench of eau de dog in the air?

If I got a horse I could take him gee gee racing and maybe win some money from him, something Bruno has never been able to do for me. The only problem I can see with this brilliant plan is that I don’t have anywhere to keep an equine family member. Actually, that is far from being the only problem but it is more than enough to put me off the idea.

Would an African grey parrot be a nice addition to our house? These are certainly cheerful looking chappies but could I cope with one wittering on all day about pieces of eight and pretty boys (because I am sure that parrots really do talk like this in real life)? Yes, yes I could. The thought of listening to a parrot while I work all day long is quite nice and certainly better than the idea of listening to that awful cumbia music my neighbours put on every day.

I don’t think Spanish goats would mess up my floor as much as Bruno, would they? After all, they are better known for eating everything in sight rather than anything else. They would probably eat all of my furniture and clothes but I am not sure if that is better than the odd puddle on the floor in the mornings.

Now Koi fish can’t possibly do any damage to my floor, can they? However, they won’t keep me company when I am sick or jump up and lick my nose when I am feeling down either, will they? Thinking about it a little more I don’t think that there is any reason to consider another pet just yet.

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