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Dyson Reviews

Dyson is a manufacturing company for appliances and their main products are vacuum cleaners that are famous for its use of cyclonic separation. If you consider buying Dyson products like vacuum cleaners, here are some review sites you can check out to know if their products are worth your money.

  1. Dyson Reviews –This site is developed to help consumers find the best Dyson vacuum cleaner that fits their needs. It provides both editorial and consumer reviews and ratings helping consumers to make informed choices. It is common knowledge that when making large purchases, reviews of owners of that product you’re eyeing on is extremely valuable and you can find them all here. The reviews are done on a decent number of Dyson models and the reviews are very rich in information. (
  2. Consumer Search Dyson Reviews – You’ll find here an extensive review on a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner explaining the pros and cons of the product. Editorial and user reviews are also accessible here, and they also happen to have links to reviews from other sites on the same Dyson product. (
  3. Kirby vs. Dyson Review– This article compares the two leading brands in vacuum cleaner products based on different criteria such as less clogging ability, airflow and vacuum power, etc. The product face-off is written accurately thanks to the writer’s hands-on experience with both products. Do check out the site to see who won in this battle between vacuum cleaners. (
  4. Vacuum-Direct – In just one page, you can get a quick glimpse of Dyson vacuum cleaners as each one of them is concisely reviewed, focusing more on the products advantages but not completely disregarding the negative aspects of a certain product. As this is a website owned by a family business that specialize in vacuum cleaner retail, we take the opinions of the editor as truly reliable as they imply to give a lot of importance to consumer satisfaction. Hence, if you don’t feel like reading lengthy reviews, visit this site and compare Dyson models more quickly. (
  5. Dyson Vacuum Cleaners –For those who already have a Dyson Vacuum cleaner, read the reviews on this blog to see if you have made a good choice. If you are just totally curious as to why these vacuum cleaners seem to rule the market, you might also want to read the site to know the answer. You can find here extensive reviews on a decent listing of Dyson models. Most of the reviews are based on the editor’s experiences of using the product, and/or feedback from consumers. You can find pictures and videos in the reviews as well so you won’t just find paragraphs and paragraphs of written information that tend to end up boring you despite the rich content. (
  6. – Here you will find a decent number of Dyson vacuum cleaner models and each one has a multitude of user comments, reviews and ratings. The pros and cons are emphasized by honest users who don’t hesitate to either give good feedbacks to show their satisfaction with the product or express their disappointment with the performance of the said Dyson model. Also, you will see price comparison of a particular model from various stores so that you’d know where to go to get it for a lower cost. (
  7. The All Dyson Site – You can find from this website a lot of articles pertaining to Dyson products, be it accessories, vacuum cleaners, etc. In the webpage where the link will lead you, you will find reviews of a few models of Dyson vacuum cleaners. The reviews are extensive and expertly written and each one is geared to inform you of both the benefits and downsides of a particular Dyson model aptly titled as likes and dislikes respectively. Aside from reviews, you can also find here videos that give you a better understanding of the Dyson vacuum cleaner features and benefits. Some of the videos are cleaning tutorials and others inform you how to make most of certain features of the Dyson vacuum cleaner. They also have a bit of product reviews incorporated in the videos. (
  8. Review Centre – The motto of this website is “Speaking from Experience”. That indeed proves a point since owner reviews are truly invaluable when making purchases for things you expect to use a long time. The administrators encourage users to get impartial on their opinions and although it is not an automatic guarantee, I have read a few of the reviews and there is a balance of positive and negative remarks making the reviews seem honest and we can only hope they really are. (
  9. Vacuum Cleaner Advisor – The thing I like most about this site is how they presented each product with their corresponding reviews in a very organized manner. In the specific webpage where the link for this number would take you, you will see a list of Dyson vacuum cleaner models, with a picture and a short but concise review of it but the link above each picture would lead you to a lengthier review. At the right side and bottom part of the page, you will then see links to more reviews for other models which mentions their pros and cons and specifications. Expect expert and impartial reviews from this site. (
  10. Review Stream – You will find here user reviews from real Dyson owners and apparently they speak from their own experiences with regards to the performance and value of the appliance they are reviewing. The reviews don’t seem to be that impartial though, there is minimal reference to the disadvantages and too much focus on the positive aspects and it is true for most reviews. (
  11. Witbeck vacuums and more – There is truly an impressive variety of Dyson vacuum models in this site however, even if I like short summative reviews better, I certainly don’t want to be tricked by seemingly sugarcoated reviews that all seem too good to be true. I understand that the site just want to sell as many Dyson vacuum cleaners as they could but it would’ve been nice if they gave their consumers a chance to make informed choices. (

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